John King- US Army

Frank Grillo- US Army

George Brightenburg- US Navy

Paul Berner - US Army

Christopher Smith- US Army

Erik Randolph- US Air Force

Roger Miller- US Army

Joe Reekers- US Navy

Brian Smith- US Army

Phi Nguyen- US Army

Aaron Antonissen- US Army

Clint Berg- US Army

Justin Devenyns- US Army

Chris Abney- US Army

Josh Lackey- US Army

Chris Martin- US Army

OJ Smith- US Army

Bob Handley- US Navy

James DeLong- US Air Force

Travis Averill- USMC

Mike Kessler- US Navy

Daniel Casey- US  Navy

Ken Murray- USMC

Michael Branas- US Air Force

Caleb McCullough- US Air Force

Terry Patrick- US Army

Jacob DeLong- US Army

CA Wild Hog Hunt

Enjoy this awesome therapy trip we took to a ranch in hills of Central California. The hogs are wild and in the cross hairs of one of our great Veterans