Who We Are


Our Founder/President

Founder/President Jacob (Jake) DeLong. When it comes to Veterans and their mental and emotional wellbeing, Jake DeLong wears his ‘heart on his sleeve’. He is a decorated combat veteran who served with the 1st Armored Division in Germany and then at the height of the troubles, in Iraq.  DeLong is passionate about his founding, “Vets 4 Huntn & Fishn,” and the good works it does to help vets in distress. “We’ve lost two more good men from my unit to suicide in the past 6 months,” says DeLong. “To those of us who survived the trauma relatively unscathed we feel obligated and proud to keep serving our buddies. With help from our donors, “Vets 4 Huntn & Fishn“ is providing a sense of belonging and outdoor pursuits that include, hunting, fishing, trail riding and hiking. Born and raised in Northern California in the tiny town of Clear Creek, DeLong attended nearby Westwood High School and joined the Army in 2004 straight after graduation. After completing Basic Training in Fort Knox, Kentucky, he was posted to Germany for 15 months before landing in Iraq for his final tour of duty. Upon his return to the US in 2007 he attended Mojave Community College on the GI Bill before transferring to Arizona State where he graduated with a B.S. in Justice Studies. In his business life, DeLong is National Account Manager at Team Lucas for Lucas Oil Products, Inc.Team Lucas is an alliance between Lucas Oil Products and select marketing partners that enhance brand awareness, and produce live, family friendly event experiences. He is married with two children and calls Southern California home.


Joshua Lackey - Vice President / Board Member

A founding member of Vets 4 Huntn & Fishn, Josh has been an integral part of the team since the beginning. "I love seeing the impact we have on people's lives, both in the short and long term. Talking to people at each event, and hearing how we've helped enact change in their lives; it's an amazing feeling."  As a Veteran himself, Josh has witnessed the sacrifices Veterans and their families make in serving their country. 


Jay Pearson - Board Member

A Vets 4 Huntn & Fishn board member since inception, Jay became involved with the organization to help keep the Founder organized. Jay is an expert outdoorsman,  devoted member of his community and is dedicated to giving back to the Veteran community. Jay and his family donate their family hunting outpost for an annual hunting extravaganza in Nebraska every year to Veterans


Arick Biggs - Board Member

Vets 4 Huntn & Fishn board member since 2017, Arick became involved with the organization when he was asked to lead a bear hunt. Like many, after seeing the impact these outdoor adventures had on the Veterans, he felt compelled to do more. "Vets 4 Huntn & Fishn changes lives. I love to take my knowledge of the outdoors and share it with our Nation’s heroes. They get a lot out of being able to escape the battles they're facing, even for a day. By going out on these trips with us, they're reminded that their sacrifices have not gone unnoticed; this in itself brings great pride to all of us."


Joe Reekers - Ambassador

Joe Reekers is a retired US Navy Submarine Veteran. While located in the Central Valley of California, some of Joe's favorite pastimes include waterfowl hunting, fishing, flying and spending time with Veterans.